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New Mum Blood Test

From: £75.00 - £218.00

A quick and easy finger-prick blood test to see if there is a nutritional reason why you may feel tired post-pregnancy.

Tests: 3          Results: 2 Days


Tests included:

Vitamin B12 active
Vitamin B12 performs several important functions in the body to keep the nervous system healthy. Deficiencies in vitamin B12 may cause extreme tiredness, a lack of energy, muscle weakness and problems with vision.

Ferritin is a blood protein which contains iron and is used to understand how much iron your body stores.

Vitamin D
The main role of vitamin D is to help regulate the absorption of calcium, phosphate and magnesium. Vitamin D is vital for the growth and health of bone; without it, bones would be soft, malformed and unable to repair themselves normally. For most people, the majority of vitamin D is formed following the action of sunlight upon the skin but is also found in a small amount of foods.

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Finger prick sample, Arrange your own collection, Visit a Clinic


Bronze: Results Only, Silver: Results + Consultation, Gold: Results, Consultation + Retest, Book Retest