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Urine Tests

Our home urine tests complement our blood testing services to give a better analysis of individual health.

Providing a Complete Wellness Perspective

Blood testing forms the foundation of our home-testing services because it’s a reliable, informative and straightforward method for obtaining key information about personal health. However, in some contexts, we also use urine tests to produce a richer picture of individual wellbeing and more comprehensive test results.


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  • Cortisol (Free) Urine Test

    A complete urine test to measure cortisol in your body and used to identify the presence of Cushing’s syndrome or Addison’s disease.

    Tests: 2          Results: 2 Days

    From: £74.25 - £198.00
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At-Home Simplicity

There’s no need to attend a dedicated clinic to provide a urine sample. Take advantage of our home urine test’s flexibility and convenience.

Easy to Use Testing Kits

Sample collection is anxiety-free and straightforward. Everything you need (and need to know) is included in the testing kit.

Define your Package

Combine your urine test with any of our other test services or full health assessments for a complete picture of individual wellness.

Informative Results

Get your accurate test results quickly and rely on the interpretation and health advice of our team of experienced health professionals.


Using one of our home urine test kits is easy but it’s important to remember to respect the process when you collect a urine sample.
Your test results detail the levels of the selected biomarker in your blood and the implications for your wellbeing. Further support and analysis are available depending on your chosen package.


Detect Problems Early

Maintain Peak Health Levels

Maintain Your Schedule

Rely On Our Expertise


A urine test looks at your urine quality to check for a wide range of disorders and conditions. What is checked depends on the test involved. We use home urine tests to complement our blood testing services which often provide the most accurate and efficient way to test for common biomarkers. However, urine tests still play an important, supplementary role in our testing provision and can be used to identify certain health conditions. Our Cortisol (Free) test is a great example of that.
Subject to normal conditions, you should have your test results within two to three days. With our home urine tests, the speed of your test results depends on how quickly you return your urine sample to us.
Urine tests usually evaluate the quality, concentration and content of urine to determine indicators which suggest the presence of health concerns including diabetes and kidney disease. We use urine tests in a very specific and targeted way – to supplement and support our comprehensive blood testing services. Blood tests are generally seen as a more efficient and reliable option but urine testing still has a role to play.
SG stands for specific gravity. Urine specific gravity refers to the concentration of urine. It is uses to determine how hydrated a person is. Simply put, if you’re urine is clear it usually indicates you are hydrated sufficiently; if it’s cloudy you may be dehydrated. The SG number puts a reliable figure on this aspect of urine analysis. Low or high levels may point towards diabetes or impaired kidney function. Alternatively, it may just mean that you need to drink more water.
Urine tests can play a supporting role in cancer investigations but they are not normally used as an everyday screening method. Our urine tests do not detect cancer. If it’s something you’re concerned about, please contact your GP for further advice and support.
Good news – you don’t need to. Our home urine tests don’t use testing strips. Instead, we’ll ask you to collect a urine sample, sometimes over a 24-hour period. Send the sample back to us, using the container supplied, and our health professionals will perform the analysis for you. Your test results contain all the information you need.
Urine tests have the potential to identify many different health conditions. However, we use them in a very focused way. See our home urine test products for more information.
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