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Resilience Programme

Developing skills for individual resilience, health and wellbeing with the help of technology.

Building Resilience for a Better You

Today’s world is dominated by data-driven analysis. Technology has evolved to the point where huge amounts of information can be processed in seconds leading to new insights and more reliable decision making. Our resilience programme applies this analytical approach to individual wellbeing, to enable better decisions to be made about personal health and performance.


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Analyse Your Life

Become Stronger

Improve Your Potential

Work Towards A Brighter Future


Resilience describes an individual’s ability to recover from adversity. Our resilience programme helps people improve their responses to stress by monitoring heart rate variability. When we know what makes a person anxious, we can address the problem.
Some clinicians describe building resilience in terms of five concepts – self-care, self-awareness, purpose, mindfulness and relationships. Our resilience programme incorporates ideas like these to analyse how individuals respond to stress and how that response can be improved.
Our resilience programme uses Firstbeat products to accurately identify when stress occurs. When we know what causes someone to feel anxious, we can begin to work on strategies and techniques to help.
Academics categorise building resilience differently. One approach breaks resilience down into resilience which you’re born with, what you build through adapting to everyday life and what you learn. Our resilience programme focuses on the later – we help people learn how to better respond to difficult situations.
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