How does this work

The UK Health Screening process


Choose a health assessment

We have a number of health assessments – aimed at different budgets and different age groups.

You can choose to add on particular tests or opt to upgrade your purchased package.

Not all of our assessments are available at all of our locations. So look at the locations page to see where you can get your chosen assessment. If you are unsure please give us a call.

We email you with the clinic availability via a website link

From the website clinic availability, you will be able to select a clinic and available date. Via email, we will then organise a clinic time for you on this date. Please note that our clinics are often busy and we may not be able to offer you an appointment for a couple of weeks. Alternatively you can call us on our 0800 number to book an appointment over the phone. We will send you confirmation email and a reminder prior to the appointment. Where your health assessment involves an online questionnaire, we will send you a link to complete before your appointment.

Your appointment

What to wear - All of our health assessments involve taking your blood pressure and taking blood. So please wear clothes that allow you to roll your sleeves up above the elbow without constriction. We will also ask you to take your shoes off.

Have a light meal – There’s no need to fast – but ideally don’t have a heavy meal immediately before your assessment.

Make sure you are hydrated – Drink plenty of water before you visit. There are toilet facilities available at all of the sites. Please no coffee or tea for at least 3 hours before your appointment.

Continue medication – please carry on taking any medication you usually take.

Plan for childcare – we do not have facilities for children under 18 and they cannot be with you during the consultation.

Please allow time to find somewhere to park and get to the clinic.

Your results

The blood test results can take up to 10 working days to come through. Depending on what the results are, we will either simply release them to you or we will call and discuss with you before releasing them. All of our laboratory results are checked by a clinician and if needed they will call you with any high abnormal results.
You will get an email with a link to the results portal.

Lifestyle discussion

All of our assessments include a health coaching session. This 30 minute online / telephone appointment gives you the chance to discuss your results with one of our experts and talk about what you can do to improve your overall health / wellness.

All of our assessments come with a 12 month ASK a GP service. Via a smart phone application you can ask a qualified UK GP any questions. With some packages you have unlimited online face to face time appointments with a GP, these are defined within the package you have purchased.