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Women's Hormone Blood Tests

Hormone tests for women identify potential challenges to female health through the analysis of key hormonal biomarkers.

Determining health for the next life chapter

There’s a natural human inquisitiveness to find out more about how healthy we are and how well our bodies work. This assumes greater importance both when we age and when we approach significant life events. 


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Identification and analysis of these hormones can shine a light on reproductive potential and confirm menopausal symptoms. That’s what makes our female hormone blood tests a great way to expand awareness of a woman’s current health status.


It’s simple and straightforward. Browse the relevant female hormone testing kits on this website and choose one which meets your requirements. Following purchase, you’ll receive your hormone test kit, delivered straight to your home. Read the instructions included and then use the supplied lancet to take a small finger-prick blood sample. It’s easy and painless. Send the sample back to us for analysis. You’ll receive your test results within a couple of days.
Sometimes we feel that something’s just not right with our health but we can’t figure out what it is. In such circumstances, a hormonal imbalance may be the cause. However, speculation is rarely definitive and it’s premature to jump to conclusions without evidence. Our hormone testing kits for women take the guesswork out of hormonal health. Test results are accurate, comprehensive and interpreted by our health professionals to make them easy-to-understand. Discovering an issue with your hormone levels is the first step to addressing it. Finding out your levels are in balance provides great reassurance about health too.
Vitamins can play a part in addressing the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance. But most people should be able to meet their vitamin demands by eating a diverse and healthy diet. If you need extra vitamins, which supplements are right for you depend on many variables that should be evaluated by a medical professional. Contact your GP if you need to find out more.
Leptin is sometimes referred to as a “fat burning hormone”. It’s produced by fat cells and regulates appetite and fat storage. However, there are many different hormonal factors associated with gaining and losing weight. Hormones such as insulin, oestrogen and cortisol can all influence weight management. If you’re concerned about your weight, and think it may be related to a hormone levels, look through our female hormone test package descriptions to find one which meets your requirements.
Some experts believe that an unhealthy diet can negatively influence hormone health and cause an imbalance in hormone levels. That means processed foods, those high in sugar and saturated fats should be avoided. However, while limiting intake of such foods is important for general wellness, there are many factors associated with maintaining healthy hormone levels. Before looking for causes, it’s essential to fact find. Our hormone tests for women provide that information in a simple, accessible way. Action taken on the basis of reliable test results is far preferable to conclusions formed from speculation alone.
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