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Fertility Tests

Our fertility tests for women help identify issues with reproductive health and signpost potential fertility problems.
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Facilitating Fertility and Health

Difficulties encountered when trying to become pregnant can be frustrating, burdensome and challenging to mental wellness. Fertility problems are often complicated and hard to pinpoint.


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Comprehensive Testing

Our tests evaluate several health biomarkers essential to sound reproductive health and fertility potential.

Support and Guidance

Interpretation of test results and their meaning is included with every test. Further support and guidance are available too.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your fertility is only your business. Rely on our 100% confidential service which respects your anonymity.

Testing Convenience

Our female fertility tests at home only require blood samples taken from a simple finger-prick test.


We also test for the presence of essential proteins and detect any important vitamin deficiencies. Pregnancy problems related to thyroid disease can also be highlighted.


Inform Decision Making

Remove Uncertainty

Understand Your Body

Signpost Action Points


Evaluating fertility is often a multi-faceted process but blood tests for fertility in females play a crucial role. Our fertility tests for women can identify problematic hormone levels and associated issues which can have a profound impact on trying to conceive. Knowing where to focus your attention makes improving fertility potential a much less apprehensive endeavour.
With our approach to female fertility tests at home, it’s easy to find out if hormonal or other problems are affecting your ability to have a baby. The process is straightforward, flexible and convenient. To begin, purchase one of our fertility-related test kits. Each kit contains an easy-to-use finger prick blood test. Use the lancet to obtain a sample then send it back to us. Our laboratory partners will analyse the sample for fertility problems and we’ll be in touch with your test results, usually withing two days. Results are accompanied by a detailed report which explains their implications. Further follow-up care and advice is also available if required.
Fertility problems can be attributable to many issues, and their source can be difficult to determine. However, four commonly-cited sources are: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), thyroid disease, ovarian failure and endometriosis. Our fertility tests for women can identify health markers in your blood which suggest a thyroid which isn’t working as it should. They can also identify PCOS. Discovery of a problem is the first step to solving it.
The simplest way to boost fertility is to concentrate on aspects of your life that you can control like eating well, drinking less alcohol, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. Then you can progress further by taking some of our female fertility tests. They are a reliable way of signposting if, and where, further action is required. They’re also ideal for providing reassurance and peace of mind about often sensitive issues.
Our fertility tests for women are available for you to use at home with our convenient home testing kits. If you’re not sure about taking a blood sample yourself, you can visit one of our clinics located across the UK where our experienced health professionals will be happy to help. We can also deliver kits to your own GP.
The best way to improve fertility in general is to concentrate on eating a natural, healthy diet incorporating plenty of vegetables and fruit. Staying fully hydrated is important too. Some our fertility tests identify specific areas of vitamin deficiency. If that’s the case for you, then you should concentrate on ensuring your diet contains more of that particular vitamin either through changes to what you eat or by taking a supplement.
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