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Women's Health Blood Tests

Our range of blood tests for women provide essential information about reproductive and menopausal health.
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Safeguarding Female Health and Wellbeing

Accurately determining your own health status provides an excellent foundation on which to build an ongoing commitment to personal wellbeing.


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  • Cholesterol Check Blood Test

    Cholesterol is one of the key risk factors for heart disease. Our test provides you with your total cholesterol profile including triglycerides, LDL (“bad”) and HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

    Tests: 6          Results: 2 Days

    From: £34.00 - £95.00
  • Complete Well Woman Blood Test

    This is our complete, essential health check for women, including liver and kidney function tests, cholesterol, iron deficiency and hormone testing.

    Number of Tests Involved: 26

    Time for results: 2 Days

    Recommended For:

    If you’re looking for an entry-level female health check covering all bases, this test package highlights any personal health risks.


    From: £65.00 - £150.00
  • Essential Health & Lifestyle Blood Test

    This is our essential health and lifestyle test to provide you with an overview of your heart health, and both liver and kidney function.

    Tests: 20          Results: 2 Days

    From: £59.00 - £150.00
  • Female Hormone Blood Test

    This is our comprehensive female hormone check to examine your hormonal balance, which impacts fertility, mood and menstruation cycle.

    Tests: 9          Results: 2 Days

    From: £65.00 - £155.00
  • Female Hormone Check Blood Test

    This is our comprehensive female hormone check to examine your hormonal balance, which impacts fertility, mood and menstruation cycle.

    Tests: 5          Results: 2 Days

    From: £65.00 - £131.60
  • Ferritin Blood Test

    A simple blood test to measure the amount of iron stored in the body. This test is a good tool to assess anemia or iron overload.

    Tests: 1          Results: 2 Days

    From: £36.00 - £100.00
  • Future Fertility (Including AMH) Blood Test

    A simple, at-home blood test to check your ovarian reserve and menopausal status.

    Tests: 3          Results: 2 Days

    From: £85.00 - £180.00
  • Heart Disease Risk Check Blood Test

    A comprehensive screening test for the main risk factors of heart disease.

    Tests: 7          Results: 2 Days

    From: £50.00 - £105.50


Flexible Testing

Access our blood tests for women where you feel most comfortable, either at one of our clinics or at home.

Detailed Reporting

Find out your results and what they mean presented in easy-to-understand language free of unnecessary jargon.

Service Tiering

Take advantage of the product and service which suits your budget. Include personal consultations and retests with our top-level packages.

Package Building

Choose the blood tests specific to your needs from our wide selection. Combine tests for detailed health reporting.



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Not all women are the same or share identical health concerns. However, our blood tests for women’s health focus on key biomarkers which are relevant to women at different stages of their lives. The choice of test is down to individual needs and requirements. For a thorough health overview, our Complete Well Women range of blood tests offer a comprehensive package with checks for everything from high cholesterol to hepatitis.
A female panel blood test is a collection of checks which evaluate the status of common biomarkers which are especially relevant to women’s health. What blood tests are included vary between testing providers. However, they all tend to focus on blood counts, cholesterol levels, hormonal function, thyroid awareness and organ health. Our equivalent test is our Complete Well Women package, designed to be a comprehensive woman’s wellness blood testing solution.
The blood tests which you need to have every year depend on your age, existing health conditions and risk factors. For example, for women with a risk of heart disease, a yearly test for high cholesterol may be a prudent approach to safeguarding cardiac health. If you’re in any doubt about what blood tests you require, and how often you should have them, speak to your GP or contact one of our UK Health Screening advisors.
Our blood tests for women provide reliable information about health factors which can influence how likely a woman is to get pregnant. These focus on hormonal screening, thyroid checks and the efficacy of the menstrual cycle. Results from these tests indicate if there are any factors which may preclude a successful pregnancy or challenge its likelihood. This information should be used as part of an overall approach to pregnancy which includes assessing various factors such as genetic issues, diet, fitness and other lifestyle choices.
No. While our blood tests for women provide valuable information about how the body is functioning, including cardiac health, they cannot diagnose high blood pressure. Please refer to your GP if you have concerns about it or consider one of our female health assessments.
While not a blood test for women exclusively, we do offer a cholesterol check home blood test which can evaluate cholesterol levels and identify a high cholesterol issue. Please refer to our Wellness and Lifestyle blood tests page.
Contact a UK Health Screening advisor on 0808 196 8804 or email