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Wellness & Lifestyle Tests

Create the conditions for maximum wellness and renewed vitality with our wellness blood tests.
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Identifying Barriers to Optimum Health

When we’re feeling at our best, nothing seems impossible. Tasks are completed without fuss, time passes quickly and we’re eager to take on new challenges. But when our bodies tell us that something’s not right, the opposite is true. Working through our to-do list becomes a chore, the day seems long and we become defensive and inward looking.


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Our wellness and lifestyle blood tests identify issues associated with:

For a full list of our blood tests, please refer to our individual product pages.


A wellness blood test measures the levels of a defined biomarker in your blood. This data can then be analysed to reveal conclusions about your health status. For example, if you’re worried about diabetes or interested in glucose testing, our HbA1c wellness blood test looks at levels of glycated haemoglobin in your blood. From this we can see what your blood-sugar levels have been over the last 8 – 12 weeks, and reach valuable conclusions about your health.
A full panel blood test is a collection of checks which evaluate the status of common biomarkers. What lifestyle blood tests are included vary between testing providers. However, they all tend to focus on overall blood health. One of our equivalent tests is our “Essential: Health & Lifestyle Home Blood Test” package. This contains 20 different wellness blood tests for those individuals looking for a complete health “MOT”. Tests include protein checks, enzyme health, cholesterol levels, vitamin amounts and more.
When you order one of our wellness and lifestyle blood tests, you’ll receive one of our testing kits direct to your door within a few days. The test includes full instructions on how to take the test, a lancet for obtaining a blood sample, a tube to store the sample and return packaging so you can send the sample back to use for analysis. Taking blood is painless and straightforward. A simple finger prick is enough to produce all the blood we need.
It depends on the wellness blood test you’ve chosen. For example, some glucose testing and iron-deficiency checks demand up to 12 hours of fasting before taking the test. If you are required to fast, full instructions are included in the testing kit package.
We aim to get your results and report to you within two days. Your test report contains the results themselves, plus interpretation of them by our health professionals to make sure you understand exactly what they mean to you and your wellbeing. This jargon-free approach means that you’re more likely to draw the correct conclusions from your results and put any recommended lifestyle changes or advice for further action into practice.
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