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Specialist Conditions Tests

Our specialist blood testing services focus on specific health concerns which can challenge overall wellbeing.

Understanding Personal Health Concerns

Assessing general health is important for ongoing wellbeing. Blood pressure, heart rate, physical activity levels, diet and sleeping patterns are all excellent indicators of overall wellness. However, sometimes it’s important to dig a little deeper into personal health.


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Our blood tests cover a wide range of specialist conditions. Most of our tests can be completed at home without the need to visit a clinic to provide a blood sample. They include:
Some of our test packages combine several different blood tests to provide comprehensive health answers. You’ll see the number of tests involved (and a short description of them) included with the product description of each package.


Targeted Testing

Fast Results

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Blood tests play a huge part in diagnosing conditions and assessing health. From blood tests for heart conditions to blood tests for skin conditions, tests to explain macular degeneration or the presence of skin lesions, they cover many different biomarkers which can be used to diagnose ill-health and treat it appropriately. They’re used each day by clinicians and medical professionals around the world.
What’s included in a blood test depends on which test or testing package you select. For example, our Heart Disease Risk Check home test incorporates seven different blood tests for diagnosing heart conditions. Our full blood-test service offering covers a wide range of biomarkers relevant to many specialist conditions. See the individual testing products for more information.
Some conditions are easier to diagnose than others. That’s why a typical UK Health Screening blood-testing package measures the levels of several different biomarkers, to provide more information for diagnosis. Again, a great example is our Heart Disease Risk Check home test which incorporates seven different blood tests for diagnosing heart conditions. With more biomarkers tested, more knowledge is gained about cardiac health including risk of heart failure, cholesterol levels and other contributors to heart diseases.
Routine blood tests check the health of your blood cells. They’re often referred to as complete blood counts or full blood counts. They look at the health of your red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Although we sometimes use them in assessments at our clinics, we use home blood testing in a more focused way and tailor the tests provided to each specialist condition. For example, our Heart Disease Risk Check home test, which includes blood tests for diagnosing heart conditions, involves several different tests which measure cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides and c-reactive protein. All provide important information about the risk of heart failure.
Generally speaking, a high amount of white blood cells in the blood may indicate an existing infection. Alternatively, a low white blood cell count may mean that you are more likely to get an infection. Our home blood tests don’t look for infections specifically. Instead, they focus on assessing different biomarkers which can be used to diagnose specialist conditions, like heart diseases, and safeguard future health. If you’re worried about a potential infection, please contact your GP.
Yes, it can. However, they’re normally part of an overall check by a medical practitioner into your overall health where other factors like your medical history is considered, and other types of checks carried out. Our home blood tests focus on other health biomarkers. If you’re worried about a potential viral or bacterial infection, please contact your GP.
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