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Nutrition Tests

Take control of your health by evaluating your nutritional status with our nutrition blood tests.
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Designing a Diet for Health

Taking care of yourself and nurturing personal wellness has never been so important. Eating well is central to this goal. An individual’s nutritional status is an excellent indicator of underlying health and a balanced diet contributes hugely to overall wellbeing.


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Rapid Results

Following our lab testing, you’ll get your results back promptly, usually in two to three days under normal circumstances.

Expert Guidance

A written report from our health professionals explains your test results in full, and explains the implications for your nutritional status.

Extended Aftercare

Depending on your selected package, you’ll have the opportunity for a follow-up consultation with a member of our clinical team.

Integrated Health Management

Take advantage of our bundled nutrition blood test packages for a complete personal wellness evaluation and nutritional assessment.


Our nutrition blood tests focus on key nutritional health biomarkers which have a huge impact on how your body works and your personal wellness. They cover:
Many of our nutrition blood tests are available on a standalone basis, or you can opt for one of our packages of tests such as our Nutrition Check which features 12 distinct nutritional screens.


Identify Health Issues Quickly

Get Peace of Mind

Prevent Health Escalations

Take Small Steps for Big Results


A nutrition blood test detects the levels of defined minerals, vitamins and fats in a person’s blood. It reveals how aspects of your diet and lifestyle affect your nutritional status. Getting the correct mineral and vitamins from your diet, as well as maintaining appropriate levels of both “good” and “bad” cholesterol, is essential for our bodies to function properly. Using one of our test kits produces a blood sample which, after lab testing, shows what levels of vitamins and minerals are in the blood. These results can then be evaluated against expected levels to indicate your overall nutritional status.
Yes. Our nutrition level blood tests show how much of a particular vitamin or mineral is in your blood. Comparing these levels against what is considered “normal” for someone in your circumstances enables our health professionals to advise on what action you should take to restore nutritional balance.
Yes. The blood tests for nutritional deficiencies which we offer check for vitamin D deficiency and assess if your levels of vitamin B12 are too low too. These vitamins play an important role in overall health. Vitamin D deficiency can affect your immune system, lead to respiratory tract infections, cause tiredness, bone pain and even depression. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also lead to fatigue, a lack of energy, psychological issues and can adversely affect memory.
Select our dedicated vitamin D nutrition blood test from this web site. It’s an accessible and straightforward way to check this important aspect of your nutritional status. Once you’ve ordered it, you’ll receive a test kit sent directly to your door within a few days. The test kit contains an easy-to-use lancet to take a blood sample, comprehensive instructions and a phial to send the sample back to us for lab testing. You’ll receive your results within two to three days in addition to a written report providing a plain-speaking interpretation of those results to enable you to take positive action immediately.
CBC stands for complete blood count. It looks at the different kinds of cells in an individual’s blood such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. It can also reveal nutritional imbalances such as vitamin D deficiency. Instead of a CBC test, we offer focused nutrition level blood tests which consider individual aspects of nutritional health.
Yes. Our Vitamin B12 nutrition level blood test determines the amount of this important vitamin in your blood. Too little vitamin B12 can lead to tiredness, fatigue, weight loss and skin problems. If you’re someone who is experiencing any of these symptoms, a vitamin B12 blood test can be very valuable. It can either indicate that you require more vitamin B12 in your diet or it can help to focus your investigations on another area of your nutritional status.
Try our range of nutrition blood tests. Whether you’re interested in the number of particular vitamins, minerals, cholesterol or proteins in your blood, we offer a reliable and informative test to meet that need. Delivered straight to your chosen address, our test kits facilitate accessible and confidential blood testing in the convenience and comfort of your own home.
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