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Men's Hormone Blood Tests

Our comprehensive male hormone tests identify potential hormonal problems and are a pivotal step towards better health.
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Creating Conditions for Better Male Health

We all want to perform at our best. But, sometimes there seem to be invisible barriers put in front of us. Fatigue, low moods, a failure to build muscle mass and reduced libido can all hinder how we feel about ourselves, how we approach life and how successful we are at achieving our aims or objectives.


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Testing for hormones such as testosterone is also an important part of our other blood test packages for men including our Erectile Dysfunction tests, and our Complete Well Man check.


Our male hormone tests produce complex and accurate test results through a very simple process. The first step is to order your home testing kit from this website. After the kit is delivered direct to your home, follow the instructions provided. These typically involve using the supplied lancet to obtain a finger-prick blood sample. Send this sample back to us in the packaging provided and our laboratory partners will analyse it to determine hormone health. Your test results, explained in straightforward language, will follow in approximately two days. That’s what makes our at home male hormone tests so user friendly – speed, accuracy and simplicity.
Hormones are produced by different parts of the body and transported around the body in tissue fluids such as blood. Put very simply, they help cells and organs perform their jobs as they should. Significant male hormones include: testosterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH). These are responsible for a man’s reproductive potential. For example, testosterone levels determine libido, sperm production, bone health and muscle mass. Our complete male hormone tests identify if the levels of these hormones in the body are negatively affecting how it functions.
Total testosterone levels can vary between individuals and still be considered normal. Levels are also affected by age and determining whether an exact figure is “normal” is meaningless without context. The best way of discovering whether your hormonal levels are ideal or not is to order one of our male hormone test kits. That way you’ll benefit from not only finding out your level expressed as a figure, but you’ll also receive a detailed explanation and interpretation of the test results which explains what the correct level is for you and whether you’re in that range.
Our blood test for total testosterone is a key part of our male hormone test packages. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone – it plays a huge role in the development of male reproductive tissues as well as promoting secondary characteristics such as muscle mass, bone density and libido.
Low total testosterone levels can often be responsible for a decline in reproductive potential such as low sperm production and reduced sex drive. However, it can also negatively affect the ability to retain muscle mass, grow body hair, and maintain bone health. It’s oversized effect on male wellbeing is the reason why it’s a keystone of our complete male hormone tests.
Yes. Order one of our at home male hormone test kits, send us your blood sample and we’ll take care of the rest.
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