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Men's Fertility Tests

Our male fertility tests help men make informed choices about fertility and their overall health.
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Identifying Obstacles to Male Fertility and Health

Couples who struggle to conceive naturally face uncertainty and a search for answers. Some fertility problems can be tricky to identify, at least immediately, and the discovery process can be long and complex. Fortunately, blood testing represents a great first step and one which can provide straightforward answers to many fertility questions.


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A reliable way of answering male fertility questions is to order one of our home male fertility test kits. They provide a confidential, quick, and convenient way to determine if your hormone levels (or associated factors) are inhibiting your overall fertility potential. Determining how efficiently your body is working through hormone testing is a great first step in any investigation of fertility problems.
With UK Health Screening, ordering a male fertility test kit couldn’t be easier. Browse our range of male fertility products. When you’ve decided on the one that offers the best fit for your needs, add it to your basket, enter your details, checkout and we’ll despatch your kit promptly. When you receive it, follow the instructions provided to obtain a blood sample using a quick and painless finger-prick test. Then send the sample back to us. Our laboratory partners will analyse it and you’ll usually receive your results within a few days. We’ll explain what your results mean in easy-to-understand terms and without jargon. When purchasing the test, you can also opt to receive further advice from us with our different tiers of support provision.
Male infertility can have many causes and there are many more than just four. Psychological factors, hormonal issues, physical blockages in the body, testicular concerns, a low sperm count and reactions to medications or medical treatments can all play their part. However, a blood test is often the first step taken when investigating male infertility issues. It’s informative, reliable and can tell you a lot about how your body works.
We don’t recommend any supplements. If you’d like to know more about them, please speak to your GP.
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