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Men's Health Blood Tests

Stay aware of your body’s overall wellbeing with our range of men’s health blood tests.
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Making Informed Decisions About Health

Being aware of your wellbeing, and any issues which may materially affect it, is an important part of safeguarding general health. Our range of men’s health blood tests provide valuable information about wellness that may not be otherwise apparent.


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Targeted Testing

Our blood tests for men address common male health issues including those related to the prostate, male hormones, and blood cells.

Flexible Service

Choose to take our men’s health blood tests at one of our clinics across the UK, or select our home test kit option.

Fast Results

Get your test results back within two days, with further guidance and support available to interpret those results accurately.

Complete Health Overview

Combine the male blood tests which you need to build a personal health profile that’s unique to you and your areas of concern.



Be the Best You

Tackle Problems Early

Settle Fears and Doubts

Keep on Top of Your Health


Blood tests relevant to men’s health focus on several key areas – male hormones such as testosterone, the prostate, cholesterol and diabetes. We offer male blood tests in all of these categories.
Blood tests can detect a range of health information from hormone levels to organ health. Results are determined by the nature of each individual test.
A full blood count test gives important information about the type, number and appearance of cells in the blood, especially red blood cells, white blood cells, and clotting cells. It is often used to give an indication of overall health levels. If you’re interested in this type of test, please contact a UK Health Screening advisor for more information.
If you’re over 50 years old and you’re concerned about your prostate health or prostate cancer, you should contact your GP and arrange an exam. However, if you’d like a general indication of wellbeing, our male health blood tests can provide accurate guidance on your prostate health.
When you’ve over 50, you are statistically more likely to have problems with your prostate than a younger man. That means it may be worth having a men’s blood test to identify any problems, or simply provide peace of mind, after this age.
The male blood tests we offer are not designed to test for specific diseases. Rather, they focus on identifying the presence (and often quantity) of key biomarkers which can help to inform the diagnosis of certain health conditions, diseases and states.
Contact a UK Health Screening advisor on 0808 196 8804 or email