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Home Blood Tests

Benefit from the flexibility of our blood testing at home services and gain insights into your health and wellbeing.
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Convenient Blood Testing at Home

Clinic-based health testing is a valuable wellbeing service but it often involves the inconvenience of travel and finding time in busy schedules. That’s why we also offer blood tests at home with our easy-to-use testing kits. They combine the convenience of home health testing with advanced blood sample analysis, reporting and tests results you can rely on.



Our home test kits identify issues associated with:

For a full list of our blood tests, please refer to our individual product pages.


Assess Your Hidden Health

Identify Problems Early

Provide Peace of Mind

Integrate with Full Health Assessments


Browse our online shop for the test you require. Order your testing kit securely online and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive your home blood test kit within a few days. Use the included finger prick test to take a blood sample and return it to us for analysis.
Our services include blood testing at home for a wide variety of biomarkers and conditions. Most of our blood tests do not require a clinical environment.
Our blood tests incorporate rigorous health testing with a focus on women’s health, men’s health, thyroid health, organ health and general wellbeing factors. Browse this site for more detailed information about each type of test.
Test results from our home blood test kits include easy-to-understand information that puts your results in context and avoids the use of medical terms where possible. Each result is then explained in more detail on its own page that gives some context and understanding on what the health testing measure is telling you and your result. If there is any follow-up action recommended, it is explained in detail.
Test results are delivered promptly. They are normally available within two days of us receiving your finger prick test blood sample.
Contact a UK Health Screening advisor on 0808 196 8804 or email