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Our primary pathology laboratory is located in central London and is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. It has a proven reputation for efficient and safe specimen handling worldwide. Our laboratories are fully accredited and are committed to high standards of performance through internal quality control and external quality assurance through national schemes such as UK NEQAS. Our laboratories are committed to providing a comprehensive pathology service of the highest quality putting patients first. Our Chief Medical Officer and the rest of our Clinical Governance team understand the needs of both clinicians and patients and set out the guidelines we operate to. The services we offer are advisory rather than diagnostic. If you believe you are not well, you should seek medical advice. We follow NICE guidelines where ever possible and use clinically validated tests, questionnaires and measures. We do offer tests that are not part of national screening programmes – in many cases on the basis of cost benefit. We believe that people should be able to take a test if they believe it is in their best interest. Health screening does not guarantee outcomes and in many cases we will be giving guidance based on statistics and likely outcomes. The tests offered do have the potential to help with early diagnosis. We aim to educate and inform people about their health and in particular to understand how their lifestyle can contribute to their long term good health. None of the services we offer are a replacement for medical treatment or basic guidelines on healthy living. All of our reports give the context of a particular measure as well as the result to help you understand the information. We will explain the limitation of the test. For instance, the PSA test is not a definitive signal as to the presence of prostate cancer and needs to be understood in context. Where results are suggests that there may be an issue and further action should be taken, a member of the clinical team will proactively contact our customers to make them aware of the situation and discuss what next steps they should take. They will provide guidance and support. We understand that your health is deeply personal and our goal is motivate people to have the best wellbeing they can by helping them understand their current state of health

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